Eddie Clark

Real Estate Advisor/Realtor

About me

Eddie Clark is a “challenge navigator.”

He looks for opportunities not only to navigate existing challenges but also has a unique way to analyze alternative scenarios for various outcomes that may follow. What some would call a knack is really a cultivated strategy that he evolved in his 20+ years in mainstream media and corporate entertainment management. He applied himself to successfully managing logistical and financial constraints while finding opportunities to make those challenges work together for his clients and affiliates. His performance was instrumental in raising the ranking of his region from 32nd to #1 year after year, setting the bar higher each year. While doing so, he ushered other regions to evolve into more creative performance in finance, operations, and sales support.

Spending those years growing his financial literacy and business acumen has allowed him to see that every issue was inherently the same: an expectation was not met. Eddie found this to be a manageable element that occurs on all levels and in all industries. What could he do? Well, he devoted some time to learning risk reduction, forensic accounting, and efficiency methods under the leadership of Blackstone and Goldman Sachs acquired brands as a regional operations manager for the largest region in those firms.

During this time, he was given the responsibility of not only asset management, logistics integration, and development but also facilities management. Traveling nationally to consult and train other regions on various aspects of the business gave him an opportunity to learn commercial real estate development “dos & don’ts” and property management skills on a multi-regional level. This piqued a new interest for him. He began to study structural requirements, building codes, construction techniques, and essentially commercial real estate. Unbeknownst to him, a few of his colleagues were involved in real estate investing, which led him to participate in small real estate investments over a couple of years. From short-term rentals to commercial housing and industrial transactions, he has enjoyed his time as an investor, FIRST! From there, it has been a race against time for him to satisfy the hunger of today’s investors on the path to real estate investing. Eddie now is a licensed Florida real estate agent/advisor at Hampton Real Estate Advisors with over 1200+ investors.

Just like before, he spends his days navigating challenges, but now it’s for real estate investors across the globe. Since then, he has defied the odds in the commercial real estate world with his performance for those investors and groups. In his leisure, Eddie volunteers his time impacting his community, serving with the Orlando Rotary Club and The Orlando Citrus Club. How can he serve you?

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