• Real Estate Investing in Seminole County, FL: Where to Buy a Property (2024)

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  • Seminole County, FL is an affordable region in central Florida that offers a lot of opportunities for real estate investment. The region is home to move-in ready homes that are perfect for families and young professionals, and it offers convenient proximity to jobs, amenities, and attractions in nearby Orlando as well as more local shops and restaurants. Buying real estate in Seminole County, FL can be profitable, but it’s important to understand the market first.

    Key Takeaways

    • Seminole County is an affordable county in Central Florida
    • Good schools and low crime rate attract young families
    • The population in Seminole County is slowly increasing
    • Many locals commute to Orlando for work
    • Average property prices have risen by over 6% year-on-year
    • Seminole County is home to popular nature sites including Seminole State Forest

    The Best Investing Strategies In Seminole County, FL

    Real estate investors interested in purchasing affordable property in central Florida might consider property in Seminole County. But before buying in Seminole County, it’s important to clarify your own investment goals: do you want to purchase property to fix and flip or make long-term gains by renting out a family home?

    Seminole County is a popular area among young families, and the area’s median age of 39.5 means that there are always buyers and renters looking for three and four-bed properties. The region’s proximity to Orlando may attract some tourists and short-term renters, but long-term rentals likely offer more stability for most investors.

    It’s also possible to purchase real estate to flip in Seminole County. The rising property prices in the area combined with favorable property taxes in Florida mean that smart investors may be able to improve and sell on properties to make faster gains.

    Seminole County, FL Real Estate Investment Tips & Tricks

    Before purchasing property in Seminole County, FL real estate, read our tips and tricks to find out how to get the most out of your money when investing in this market:

    • Define your investing goals: When you decide whether you want to make long-term gains from rental properties or short-term gains from flipping real estate, you can target suitable properties that suit your investment strategy.
    • Work with a local property agent: Local real estate agents operating in central Florida will be able to help you to understand the unique quirks of the property market in Seminole County and help you to get the best deal when you invest.
    • Consider accessibility: Whether you’re buying property to rent on a short-term basis to tourists or long-term to families, the transport links between Seminole County and Orlando are always important. Ready access to the freeway and public transport links are valuable in Seminole County.

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    Is Seminole County, FL, A Good Real Estate Investment?

    Seminole County, FL is a good real estate investment due to rising property prices and a stable rental market. Property prices are rising by 6% per year on average in Seminole County, and many families and young professionals are keen to secure affordable housing in this area. Real estate investors in Seminole County also benefit from the favorable tax rates offered across Florida.

    Seminole County’s location just north of Orlando makes it extremely popular among buyers who want to be near the excitement and attractions of Orlando while living somewhere quieter and safer. It’s possible to drive from Seminole County to Orlando in under 30 minutes, and yet property prices in Seminole County are significantly lower than those in Orlando.

    Low crime rates and good schools ensure that Seminole County properties attract young families. Paired with an unemployment rate below the national average, Seminole County is extremely attractive to people of working age both with and without children. This results in a buoyant rental market that makes it easy for real estate investors in Seminole County, FL to secure a stable income.

    Orlando theme parks are close to Seminole County real estate

    Is It A Good Time To Invest In Real Estate In Seminole County, FL?

    It’s a good time to invest in real estate in Seminole County, FL. Property prices in Seminole County are growing by around 6% per year, and the population of the county is rising by around 1% per year, much like the rest of Florida. This demonstrates the enduring popularity of the area among buyers.

    The median price of homes in Seminole County is around $350,000, which is still much lower than many parts of Orlando. Whether you want to purchase real estate to fix and flip or let out to local residents, there’s a lot of upside to investing in Seminole County, FL. It’s likely that property prices will continue growing in this area as buyers look to more affordable areas.

    Best Areas And Neighborhoods To Invest In Seminole County, FL

    The best areas to purchase property in Seminole County will depend on your investing goals. Some popular areas in the county include Lake Mary, Longwood, and Oviedo. Altamonte Springs is especially popular among commuters who want easy access to Orlando, and Sanford is home to a gorgeous waterfront area that attracts young professionals and families.

    Lake Mary is a top-rated area in Seminole County that’s known for good schools and low crime rates. It’s also close to the Lake Mary chain of lakes, and it boasts an excellent local farmers market. Lake Mary is especially popular among young families looking for a safe, quiet place to raise children.

    Another popular area in Seminole County is Oviedo, an area that locals know for its vibrant downtown high streets filled with restaurants, shops, and even local wild chickens. Oviedo is well-loved as one of Seminole County’s quirkiest neighborhoods.

    Main Activities, Attractions, And Employers In Seminole County, FL

    Seminole County is located just north of Orlando, and many of the county’s residents commute to Orlando for work. Major employees located near Seminole County include Walt Disney World and Lockheed Martin. Orlando’s major industries, outside of its theme parks, also include healthcare and technology.

    There are lots of attractions for families and residents in Seminole County. As well as all of the tourist attractions and theme parks of Orlando within a short drive, residents can enjoy the Central Florida Zoo and the Wekiwa Springs State Park. Popular sites of natural beauty in the area also include the Lake Mary chain of lakes and the Seminole State Forest.

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