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Discover our toolbox of personalized services that paves the way to solid investment.

Buy Box

We create your perfect investment scenario and talk through different areas, plans, and price points, so all your needs and wants align.

Kim's Prime Picks

Access daily property posts on our website and get the insights and guidance you need to make confident buying decisions.
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In-house Analysis

Our team of in-house analysts underwrites each deal and is always available to assist you throughout your investment journey.


Get the full picture even when you can’t see it in person. Select your preference of property video and/or photos prior or during due diligence.

Preferred Vendor Access

All of our clients are investors like you, so we only partner with vendors that are relevant to your needs, such as lenders, real estate attorneys, trusted contractors, property managers, and more.

Property Management

It’s easy to take care of your investment with our short and long-term property management company, operating from Orlando to St. Pete and beyond.

Eliminate the guesswork from your next investment.

Let us take care of the hard part, so you can make easy buying decisions.