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  • Tampa is a prime location for real estate investment, offering a thriving market and the prospect of earning serious profits. One particularly popular method of property investment in Tampa is fixing and flipping properties, where you buy a property, renovate it, then sell it on for profit. There are even specialized loans available to help you fund this investment in a way that suits the project. So, in this article we’ll learn about fix and flip loans in Tampa, how they work and more.

    Key Takeaways

    • Fix and flip projects in Tampa offer a unique and lucrative real estate investment opportunity.
    • Financing a fix and flip project can be achieved by using a specialized fix and flip loan in Tampa.
    • These loans offer unique terms that are beneficial to the fix and flip project – but they also have unique eligibility requirements.
    • Working with an investor-friendly realtor can help your fix and flip project in many ways – from finding the right property to helping you sell it for profit.

    Fix And Flip Loans In Tampa: What Are They And How Do They Work?


    Fix and flip loans are specially designed loans that perfectly meets the needs of real estate investors looking to fund a fix and flip project. They are short-term loans that unlock capital for property purchases and renovations. Upon selling the property, you’ll then be expected to repay the loan and the interest accrued.

    Purpose Of Fix And Flip Loans

    Fix and flip loans are designed to help facilitate a fix and flip project, which incorporates purchasing and renovating a property before selling it for profit. Due to the nature of these projects, fix and flip loans are designed to be short-term loans that you pay off after selling the property.

    How Loan Flipping Works

    Loan flipping is the process of securing a loan that will cover the fix and flip project. This includes the initial cost of purchasing a property as well as the costs of renovating it. Once the work is complete, you sell the property at a profit and repay the loan to the lender.

    Differences Between Fix And Flip Loans And Traditional Loans

    Fix and flip loans are designed to meet the unique financial requirements of a fix and flip project. They differ significantly from a conventional loan as they are short-term agreements that you don’t have to pay off right away. A standard mortgage will last for decades and payment begins right away, which isn’t an ideal setup for fix and flip projects. In contrast, you don’t pay your fix and flip loan back until all work is complete and the property is sold.

    Tampa Fix And Flip House Investment Lenders

    One of the big advantages of choosing Tampa for fix and flip projects is the huge variety of fix and flip lenders available. Due to their popularity here, you have a great opportunity to compare the market and find the best deal for you. So be sure to assess a variety of lenders, look at their interest rates and eligibility criteria to find one that perfectly matches your needs.

    Banks Vs. Alternative Lenders

    Banks, more often than not, won’t offer fix and flip loans to customers. This is because it is such a specialized type of loan that carries a high level of risk. So, most real estate investors opt for alternative lenders to seek capital. If you already have the capital to renovate the property, then you could consider taking out a traditional loan from the bank. This makes it easy to compare different loan options and the initial down payment may be smaller than a fix and flip loan. This option does have a few drawbacks though, such as:

    • Traditional bank loans have long terms, usually spanning years, which isn’t ideal for the fix and flip model. You may have to pay an early repayment fee to clear the loan when you sell the property.
    • As these loans aren’t designed with fix and flip projects in mind, their terms and conditions might not be favorable.

    So, for most people looking to get funding for a fix and flip project, using an alternative lender is the best route. They understand the intricacies of the project, can factor in the risk associated with the project effectively and offer a favorable repayment plan. It does have a few drawbacks though, as you’ll likely have to pay a larger down payment and pay higher interest rates.

    Top Fix And Flip Lenders In Tampa

    As mentioned above, one of the big benefits of working on a fix and flip project in Tampa is the number of fix and flip lenders available to you. There are plenty to choose from, giving you the chance to find a deal that perfectly suits your needs. To help you get started, let’s take a look at the top fix and flip lenders in Tampa:

    • RCN Capital: RCN Capital has a solid reputation for offering good fix and flip loans. They also have a fantastic online platform that makes setting everything up simple.
    • CoreVest: CoreVest Financial is a huge name in fix and flip loans in Tampa. They are one of the best lenders to work with for these types of loans.
    • Groundfloor: Groundfloor offers a unique approach to financing real estate investments, particularly in crowdfunding loan options and fix and flip projects.
    • Viva Capital Group: Viva Capital Group is well-known for offering fix and flip loans – and they have a fast application process with flexible terms.

    What Are The Eligibility Requirements For Fix And Flip Loans In Tampa?


    The eligibility requirements for fix and flip loans in Tampa vary from lender to lender, but you’ll need to have a strong credit rating and a solid business plan for the project. Ideally, you’ll also have some level of experience working on these types of projects successfully in the past – but it isn’t always a requirement.

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    Credit Score Requirements

    Credit score requirements will vary between fix and flip lenders, but you should be aiming for as strong a score as possible. If you can achieve a credit score of around 600, then you’ll likely have a lot of options in terms of which lender you choose, giving you the chance to compare and find the best deals. If you’re dealing with a poor credit score and want to improve it, you can try the following:

    • Check Your Credit Report: View your current credit report from a credit reporting agency like Equifax. This will let you know what issues, if any, exist on your credit report.
    • Timely Payments: Make sure you pay any debt obligations on time, as this helps boost your score.
    • Avoid Credit and New Accounts: Try to keep your credit level quite low and don’t apply for new bank accounts, as both of these can affect your credit score.

    Experience And Track Record

    The other consideration that lenders will factor into their decision to offer you a loan is your track record in fix and flip projects. This type of loan is quite high-risk, so lenders don’t like to take too many chances when offering these loan types. Lenders will want to know your background in this area, so if you have previous experience working on fix and flip projects, let them know. You can also create a portfolio of your work outlining profits made, as this demonstrates your abilities in fix and flip projects.

    What Are The Essential Factors To Consider When Applying For Fix And Flip Loans?

    As fix and flip loans are unique, they come with specialized terms and conditions. Before you take out a fix and flip loan, make sure you understand the terms of the loan clearly. This includes knowing what interest rates you’ll be paying and the repayment terms of the loan. It’s also important that you understand how this loan factors into the cost of your fix and flip project so that you’re still making a profit at the end of things. Having a clearly defined exit strategy for your fix and flip project can help with this.

    Loan Terms And Conditions

    The terms and conditions of your fix and flip loan outline all of the key details of the agreement. This will include the associated fees for taking out the loan, the interest rate you’ll be paying and the repayment terms for the loan. So make sure you perform your due diligence and carefully read through the terms so that they perfectly align with your needs.

    Property Assessment And Valuation

    As part of your loan application, you’ll want to perform a proper property assessment and valuation for the renovation work. Doing this will give you a more solid idea of how big of a loan you’ll be looking to take out. It will also be helpful to have a good idea of the after-repair value (ARV) of the property so that you know that you’ll be able to repay the loan and still make a profit.

    Exit Strategy

    Your exit strategy is how you intend to repay the loan – which usually involves selling the property. Ideally, your exit strategy will allow you to sell the property at a significant profit to effectively cover the fix and flip loan and leave you with the remainder. If you have another way to pay off the loan, or wish to take out refinancing, then this can also work as a viable exit strategy. Most lenders will want to know exactly what your exit plan is before providing you with the loan, so think carefully about how you intend to clear the loan.

    Tips For A Successful Fix And Flip Investment In Tampa


    Fix and flip projects in Tampa offer you a fantastic real estate investment opportunity. You get to enter the property market in an incredibly cost-effective way, and with a little bit of work, you can net significant profits over a relatively short period. So, to help you make a success of your fix and flip project, let’s cover a few tips:

    Finding The Right Property

    One of the biggest things to get right with a fix and flip project is finding the right property to invest in. Finding the ideal property requires you to tap into the local market, understand the nuances of specific neighborhoods and have a good eye for estimating renovation costs. Working with an investor-friendly real estate agent is a great way to make this process easier. They have in-depth expertise in the local markets of Tampa and know when a property is selling under market value.

    Budgeting And Cost Management

    Fix and flip loans are designed to benefit the specific needs of a fix and flip project. In many cases, the loans are portioned off into stages of the project, which helps to earmark expenses. This is a good way to help with budgeting the project, as it mitigates some of the risk associated with scope creep. Another critical thing to get right is cost management throughout the project, which these loans can help with.

    Marketing And Selling Strategies

    One of the last things you’ll need to get right with your fix and flip project is effectively marketing and selling the property. To do this, you’ll need to understand what demographics to target, where to advertise and the best ways to close a deal. If this isn’t a part of your skillset, then working with an investor-friendly realtor is the best option here. They can help with all areas of marketing and selling the property, including:

    • Advertising the property via realtor websites and other online platforms.
    • Providing high-quality photographs and digital walkthroughs of the property.
    • Finding local opportunities to advertise and market the property.
    • Hosting open house events to target leads and sales opportunities.
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    • Do Banks Give Fix And Flip Loans In Tampa?

      Most conventional banks don’t offer fix and flip loans in Tampa because they are specialized. To find a fix and flip loan here, you’ll likely have to work with an alternative lender or use a different form of financing for the project.

    • What Are The Eligibility Requirements For Fix And Flip Loans In Tampa?

      Fix and flip loans have slightly different eligibility requirements than conventional loans. Lenders would ideally like you to have experience in these types of projects, but at the very least they want a clear business plan. You’ll also want to have a strong credit rating and must meet their affordability requirements.

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